Specialist Services

Adhoc and ongoing assessments and monitoring.


Threat Hunt

We are experts in, and passionate about, finding evidence of malicious actors.

Our Threat Hunting services can be delivered remotely or in person. Our preferred approach is to leverage our PROTECT and DETECT solutions which provide full visibility of the network traffic and real time correlation with cyber threat intelligence.

Where needed, we can utilise your existing tools to perform threat hunting. This service includes Incident Triage in collaboration with the Incident Response team.

Ad hoc investigations

Cybermerc is regularly engaged by clients and third parties on behalf of their clients to perform ad hoc investigations across the Internet.

Using our experience and access we perform investigations across the Internet, the Deep Web and the Dark Web including both open and closed sources to identify malicious activity.

Ongoing monitoring

For our clients with high value information to protect, such as Personally Identifiable Information or Intellectual Property, we offer a continuous monitoring service to give greater peace of mind and reduce the time to detect any data compromise.

We monitor the Internet, the Deep Web and the Dark Web and open and closed sources to identify if malicious actors are attempting to sell your data or access to network.

Targeted assessment

Cybermerc provides regular reporting to domestic or overseas clients.

Intelligence is derived from open and closed sources and analysis of new Tactics, Techniques and Procedures from campaigns aimed at our PROTECT sensors located throughout the world.