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About Us

Experts in Cyber Security and Threat Intelligence

Australian Cyber Security Solutions for SMBs, Enterprise and Government Cybermerc connects businesses together in a defensive collaboration against shared cyber threats. We specialise in:

  • cyber security detection and protection for SMBs and SMEs
  • national Cyber Threat Sharing Platform for collaboration on the latest cyber threats for SMEs
  • solutions specifically designed for detecting and observing advanced threats; and
  • cyber security and threat intelligence training developed to elevate organisational capability.

Our Mission & Approach

Our Mission

Cybermerc is an Australian-owned cyber security company, founded in 2016 by two brothers with backgrounds in law enforcement and national security on a mission to forge a collective cyber defence for Australia and its partners, powered by a community of businesses, academia and government.

Our Approach

We leverage our combined expertise across various technology sectors to improve the cyber capability of our clients. Along with our cutting-edge detection and protection solutions, our team of cyber and intelligence experts offer consulting services and training programs to empower and enable cyber security for Australian businesses at all levels.

Our Leadership Team

Our employees are veterans from the defence, intelligence and law enforcement community who collectively bring over 100 years of knowledge and experience into the development and delivery of our solutions.

  • Matthew Nevin

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

  • Paul Nevin

    Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer