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Market Use Cases

Cybermerc provides a variety of packages specifically designed for both smaller and larger organisations. These packages comprise AUSHIELD solutions, along with complimentary services.

As part of each package, clients can purchase credits which can be used to consume a variety of services during the term. This is a flexible way to have access to services when urgently needed such as a breach assessment or to provide training to new staff.

Small to Medium Business/Enterprise

Cybermerc provides a variety of cyber packages to SMB/SMEs. These packages are specifically tailored to offer affordable cyber protection to smaller Australian organisations. We can incorporate any of the following services as part of your package:

  • Cyber awareness training
  • Cyber Threat Assessment
  • Incident Response triage
  • Personal background checks
  • Ad hoc investigations

Supply Chain Security

The risks associated with a supply chain attack have increased exponentially in recent years due to the high value and low costs typically associated with this style of attack.

Cybermerc has adapted the SMB/SME solutions so that they not only protect links in the supply chain, but become part of a holistic solution that minimises the risk of a full-scale supply chain attack.

This approach typically includes deployment of PROTECT and DETECT devices along with threat hunting services. This can be further expanded into decoy devices and networks along with focused cyber threat intelligence services.

Enterprise and Government

Cybermerc regularly provides a combination of onsite and offsite custom training to fast track the skills development of cyber teams.

Cybermerc is able to offer training at our purpose-built cyber range in the ACT, or online with exercises performed on production networks. Cybermerc leverages capabilities such as AUSHIELD DETECT to train staff on their own environments.

Through AUSHIELD DEFEND, Cybermerc is able to offer Australia's only national Threat Sharing platform to large organisations to consume and contribute cyber threat intelligence.