Cybermerc Training

Cyber and Threat Intelligence tradecraft.


We specialise in the development and delivery of cyber security and threat intelligence training programs to amplify individual and organisational cyber capability. Our cyber training continuum elevates analytical, technical and intelligence proficiencies, providing graduates of any proficiency level invaluable knowledge and practical experience.

Deployment of Cybermerc Training provides:

  • Balance for knowledge transfer, consolidation and retention for a smooth learning pathway
  • Modular training for experience levels and proficiencies of participants to meet current skills needs and future skills uplift
  • Experiential learning elements for engaged and connected subject matter through their workplace experiences.

Our Training Approach

Cybermerc’s training programs are developed with the participant in mind, catering for different learning styles to ensure a strong theoretical understanding of cyber security concepts and in turn, the practical application within their work environment.

“It made otherwise abstract and virtual concepts come to life, having done the tasks I now have a much better comprehension of how threat actors undertake their work.” Andrew, CM1284

Our Training Environment

Cybermerc is a trusted provider of cyber security training because of the quality, currency of the content and delivery. Our dedicated Cyber Range is used to run custom scenarios, including ones based upon mirroring the clients' own Standard Operating Environment in order to model attacks that would likely occur against the production SOE.

“I would recommend this course to others, the technical aspects, coupled with the intel and human behaviour sessions, made this a really holistic course that balances skill sets and existing knowledge for either the cyber specialist or intel analyst team members.” Michael, CM381

An Immersive Hands-on Experience

Cybermerc maintains a fully equipped digital range to provide real world, immersive experience. Cybermerc's training facility is a fully equipped digital range to provide real word, immersive experience. Participants gain a hands-on approach to training where they can safely interact and work with real malicious software in scenarios emulating real world attacks. This enables participants to experiment and test out new skills in a safe environment with no risk to their own or workplace hardware.

‘My favourite aspect was enthusiasm and knowledge of the instructors.The teaching standard was excellent and there were lots of opportunities to get our hands dirty.’ Kayla, CM304

Our Programs

Our training programs are delivered in a variety of methods:

  • face to face learning in our dedicated cyber range or onsite;
  • online instructor-led sessions; and/or
  • online self-paced programs through Cybermerc’s Learning Management System.

A blend of delivery mediums caters for all learning styles to ensure participants achieve the learning outcomes.

Our programs are affordable, easy, customisable training solutions to meet your needs.