RedZenit is a low-cost cyber security device, designed by an Australian company to protect Australian businesses.  Those businesses are the engine-room of the Australian economy, generating over half of GDP, yet 90% remain completely unprotected.  Worse still, 60% of Small to Medium Enterprises (SME's) will fold within six months of a breach.  RedZenit is scalable and affordable protection, designed to detect existing breaches or identify new ones in the very early phases.  


Every RedZenit user becomes part of a defensive collaboration; an attack against any user updates all other users against that attack.  RedZenit is ideal for gaining visibility into your supply chain, auditing cyber health before mergers & acquisitions, or establishing a metric for cyber insurance premiums.

RedZenit was originally designed to detect Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) by deceiving actors into revealing highly actionable threat intelligence.  These techniques proved so effective in classified networks we designed RedZenit to reveal malicious insiders, long-term established actors and untrustworthy outsourcing companies on Australian networks too.  Most importantly, the solution is affordable enough for SMEs to deploy it.  RedZenit brings down the cost of cyber security by linking users together in a defensive mesh, rather than having every network owner defend themselves in isolation.

Fix the fundamentals first!

Most Australian businesses do not have fundamental security controls in place, like basic log collection and monitoring.  RedZenit provides these essential services so our expert analysts can evaluate the health of your network and investigate future incidents. 


  • Centralized log storage for critical devices

  • An encrypted cache of network traffic leaving the network

  • Routine vulnerability scans of the internal network to identify compromised or vulnerable assets

  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) monitoring for known threats 

Advanced Detection

RedZenit uses advanced cyber deception techniques to gain early warning of malicous insiders or network breaches.  These techniques include:


  • Honeypot decoy services (e.g. fake POS system)

  • Canary token documents (e.g. fake BITCOINS.xls document)

  • Offsite long-term honeynet sandbox analysis

  • Mesh network integration for 0-day threat detection and situational awareness

  • Routine reporting of risk metrics compared to industry peers


RedZenit provides customers with visibility into threats specific to their business, their industry vertical and supply chain. 


Reporting can be customized to show how safe each monitored network is compared with peers, or holistically against all networks we monitor. Our goal is to produce reports that support a pathway to mature security in each organization. 


Our team will also work with your existing security people to investigate incidents when required.  

Strength in numbers

The key to RedZenit is our patent pending cyber mesh network.  All sensors collaborate by sharing threat intelligence in real-time.  An attack against any single sensor informs and protects all others.  Threat intelligence is pushed into the mesh network from honeypots, declassified Government sources or commercial threat feeds to detect attacks before harm has been done.  Our team of expert cyber analysts study the resulting data using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to identify entirely new threats.  Customers are provided with routine reports on the health of their network and any urgent incidents are escalated for clean-up.

Work smarter,

not harder.

Collaboration to fight cyber threats is not just smart, but it is also cheaper.  Cybermerc employs some of the best cyber intelligence analysts in the world.  Our analysts are studying attacks against hundreds of RedZenit sensors to produce intelligence to share with our customers.  RedZenit delivers the capability offered by an internal threat hunting team, allowing for increased visibility but through a more cost effective means.

If you would like to learn more about RedZenit, or place a sensor or two on your network, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

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