Sales Force Cyber Enablement 

The Sales Force Cyber Enablement (SFCE) course has been designed at the request of several IT security vendors.  The scope, pace and complexity of the cyber world is sufficiently daunting that many sales teams experience difficulty keeping up with technical changes and knowing where, when and to whom their products are beneficial.   


The two-day SFCE course is designed to empower salespeople from all backgrounds to talk convincingly with customers about current cyber challenges.


This is not a how-to-talk-like-a-nerd or how-to-be-a-fake-security-expert course, it is a two-day bootcamp that will teach sales professionals the most important challenges facing the IT security industry today. We teach in plain English, so you can have conversations with your customers in plain English.  


If you want to truly understand the challenges faced by your customers so you can pitch your solution correctly then this is the course you should attend.


Topics covered include:

  • A brief history of cyber espionage and crime

  • Who are the cyber actors and what do they want?

  • How do actors evade all security controls (especially your products)?

  • current limitations in technical solutions

  • challenges in staffing security positions

  • the lifecycle of a serious incident

  • the duties/backgrounds/expertise of security team members

  • IT Security Manager & Executive psychology

  • winning over a 'Sheldon'

  • Who really makes the decision to buy?

  • Why you should never fake it with a cyber geek.

  • current and emerging technical challenges you can help with

  • communication strategies for different audiences

  • 3 books to read for serious credibility

  • how to keep up-to-date with industry change

How we teach

This is not another boring quarterly sales team event.  The SFCE course will have you playing with malware, infecting computers with ransomware and otherwise experiencing many of the day-to-day scenarios your customers are dealing with.  We will step you through the thinking process of security teams, Executives and point out key decision moments during staged breaches. You will gain a first-hand appreciation of where and when your products can help and reveal new ways to pitch your value proposition.




The SFCE course is generally booked by one vendor at a time but we do offer shared classes.  Cybermerc can deliver group bookings for your sales team in any state in Australia but we highly recommend sending your people to Canberra to make use of our cyber range (and to get them away from distractions).  Please contact us for group bookings.

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