Executive Cyber Enablement_ 

'Cyber training for non-technical managers'

Executives regularly tell us there are no cyber courses suitable for them in the market - ideally non-technical and covering essential cyber knowledge.  In response, we have developed a one-day Executive Cyber Enablement (ECE) course.  The topics covered have been chosen from feedback and address the knowledge gaps many executives feel they have.  We are confident that this one-day course will empower execs with sufficient cyber knowledge to understand the threats (and opportunities) the cyber world presents.  We cover the current threat landscape, changing legal requirements, emerging challenges and examine the cyber defences that work.  In essence, this course is designed to serve as a boot camp for busy execs working in cyber-related fields, managing technical staff or just wanting to understand the domain better.

Be Prepared

Cybermerc uses a purpose-built cyber range in Canberra to give students first-hand experience interacting with malware, ransomware, the dark web and learning cyber tradecraft.  Students will examine real-world threats, such as malware USB sticks left in Chinese hotel rooms, RATs installed via phone charging stations and trade delegation gifts that keep-on-giving.  

Topics covered include:

  • Who are the bad guys, how do they work?

  • How do actors evade all security controls? 

  • Why bad guys value your data, even if you don't?

  • Understand mandatory data breach laws

  • Preparing for your next cyber breach

  • Learning to communicate with techies

  • Recruit, retain and grow a capable cyber team

  • Cyber risks for key staff when travelling

  • Why firing your IT team won't help​

  • Cyber policy and emerging legal issues

  • What happens during a major breach

  • Preparing for your next breach

  • Where to go for help

Be Informed

The SECE course provides students with background knowledge of cyber espionage and cyber crime.  Students review use cases of recent breaches and explore the capability and intent of diverse cyber actors.  Students role play in offensive cyber operations to gain exposure to the techniques and tactics used to bypass security controls.  This unique perspective allows students to understand their adversaries better and prioritise security controls that do work. 

Be Proactive

To Incident Response (IR) teams the SECE course represents the knowledge they wish executives at victim companies knew before they were breached.   A large part of responding to a significant cyber incident is educating executives about threats and how/when to react.  This is always difficult to do in the middle of an investigation; when everyone is under stress and patience for learning is thin.   This course empowers executives to be proactive so they can make the right decisions, from an informed perspective, when needed. 

The ECE course is held regularly throughout the year in Canberra.  Please contact us for group bookings.

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