At Cybermerc, we are geeks at heart, and spend a great deal of time researching emerging threats using threat hunting, honeynets and related Active Cyber Defence (ACD) techniques.  We also partner with industry, education and Government agencies to facilitate sharing of cyber threat intelligence.  One such initiative is called IRONPYRITE.  We are actively seeking partners who would like to become involved in IRONPYRITE research. More will be announced soon, based on our research funding bid being successful.

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Cybermerc can provide consulting services in Incident Response (IR) or triage in the event you need urgent, expert assistance.  We can deploy gateway monitoring solutions to quickly assess the extent of compromise and provide real-time guidance to your IT security team on how to remediate breaches.  If you need help or just some good advice, please get in touch.

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Managed Honeypots

Cybermerc has developed a low-cost, high-confidence early warning solution that is best described as a cyber burglar alarm.  This service is called Cyberwatchman and uses internal facing honeypots and canary tokens to provide you with early warning of a malicious insider (or established actor) bouncing around your network. Cyberwatchman sensors can be virtualised, deployed at branch offices or into your core network and will simulate attractive targets that bad guys are looking for - Point Of Sale, human resources databases and payroll servers.  Any interaction with the decoy services triggers alarms that we can investigate.  If you are interested in using Active Cyber Defence (ACD) techniques then get in touch with us to talk about Cyberwatchman.

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