The basic premise when designing cyberwatchman was to see if we could create a low-cost internal facing honeypot that would serve as a cyber burglar alarm, priced so that it is accessible to small to medium businesses.  Just like monitored burglar alarms, these sensors are designed to give early warning of threats so you can minimise harm.


Cyberwatchman is deployed as either a virtual appliance, in the cloud or as a physical device inside a customer network.  The sensor calls out to the Internet and establishes communication with our Managed Security Service (MSS) team.  Cybermerc will then instruct the sensor to bring up one or more honeypot services, designed to look attractive to a variety of bad guys.  Any interaction with these honeypot services is a clear indication of malicious intent and alerts our investigators that something is wrong.  Cybermerc will investigate the incident remotely, triage the severity and then escalate the incident to the customer's security team, or provide on-site remediation.


Cyberwatchman is designed to be a low-cost service, as sensors can be deployed from as little as $500 per month.  The value in detecting cyber actors during the early stage of an attack can save millions of dollars in clean-up, so this is an excellent risk minimisation strategy.


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