Cyber Intelligence Analysis

Cyber Intelligence Analysis is a fascinating field that brings together technical and nontechnical skills in order to find the truth in cyber investigations. 


Cybermerc staff have worked all around the world performing the many duties that now fall under the banner of cyber intelligence analysis.  We have consolidated all we know, and sought input from the best-of-the-best, to build two courses designed to rapidly accelerate careers by giving students the foundation of skills and knowledge they need.


We believe the 'perfect cyber analyst' has a mix of technical and soft skills, rarely found in any one individual. We have broken this training into two, week-long classes:


A blueprint for the perfect cyber analyst?

Cyber Analyst Bootcamp

Cyber Analyst Bootcamp is a five-day bootcamp into the 'world of cyber'.  We cover the essential background knowledge about cyber bad guys and show students the long history of cyber crime and espionage; going back to the 1960's.  Students are given insight into the psychology, motivation and capability of different actors they will encounter. ​

Essential Knowledge for Security Pros

Although called a bootcamp, this course fills in gaps in knowledge for everyone working in IT security teams, SOCs, CERTs, IR and even management roles, regardless of their experience level.  The key concepts are less technical than many students expect and we use short videos and step-by-step labs to guide students through the more difficult concepts. 

Role play as bad guys

Students are placed into the shoes of their adversaries in order to gain experience and insight.  As a series of guided lab exercises, they must plan and conduct offensive cyber operations, spear phish and steal classified data from staged target networks.  Mission achieved, they switch sides to investigate their attacks from a defensive perspective to identify tradecraft mistakes and forensic evidence.

We use a combination of hands-on-labs and short videos to help convey the highly technical concepts found in cyber analysis.  Students will watch a video and then perform the same steps in lab scenarios to help reinforce the key points.

Cyber Analyst Bootcamp

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, students are able to apply good cyber tradecraft for OSINT.  They will know how and when to use covert infrastructure and cover identities; and why bad guys do too.  They will use this experience to reveal sophisticated cyber actors inside the networks they defend.

Student Feeback

Students regularly tell us this course was the missing link in their cyber education.  Please get in touch with us for testimonials or referrals.  Employers tell us this course pays dividends back in the workplace too.

Topics Covered Include

  • history of cyber espionage and crime

  • why cyber spy?

  • who are the threat actors?

  • how do they hide?

  • what do they want?

  • tactics, techniques and procedures

  • cyber tradecraft - hiding in plain sight

  • Open Source Intelligence gathering

  • dynamic malware analysis with Cuckoo

  • red and blue team exercises

  • basic protocol analysis with Moloch

  • useful tools of the trade

  • cyber intelligence lifecycle

  • disrupting the intelligence lifecycle

  • honeypots and deception techniques

  • insider/external/collusion threats

  • building online personas

  • using VPN/VPS/TOR/proxies

  • attribution strategies for OSINT

  • assessing the target capability and intent

  • matching the target expectations

  • watering holes and OSINT traps

  • cyber dangles and counterintelligence

  • cyber access vectors for infiltration

  • evil maid and physical access vectors

  • using Remote Access Tools

  • navigating the dark web

  • insider investigations and actor psychology

  • hiding your capability and intent

  • security controls that actually work

  • finding nation-state cyber actors

The Cyber Analyst Bootcamp course is held intermittently at Cybermerc's office in Canberra throughout the year.  We also run this course in major cities around Australia when requested.  Please get in touch if you would like to talk about a group booking.

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