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Cybermerc was established as an R&D company focusing on Active Cyber Defence (ACD) solutions.  The founders have long careers using honeypots and deception techniques in cyber crime fighting and cyber intelligence production.  We deliver training out of our cyber range in Canberra, leveraging 0-day malware samples to show interactions with real cyber actors inside our honeynets.  Our coursework is constantly changing to reflect real-world actor tradecraft and emerging threats.


Our Instructors

Cybermerc instructors have many years’ experience working in cyber centric jobs; long before these jobs were even called cyber.  Over the years we have managed and trained an entirely new generation of cyber investigators all around the world.  As a result, we developed training techniques to assist with the steep technical learning curve and to impart the 'soft skills' that make the difference between a good and great cyber analyst.  Our coursework is founded from real experience working in some very interesting places and we aspire to give our students the benefit of our decades of experience without the same time investment.  Our students can start working in this fascinating profession with a huge advantage over the many adversaries they will encounter.​

Our Values

At Cybermerc, we strongly believe in the power of constant learning and the responsibility of mentoring junior security professionals.  We believe great cyber analysts must dare to be wise but work hard to become so.  We give our students an excellent foundation of knowledge and continue to mentor them throughout their careers.  In short, we aspire to give our students the head start we wish we had when we were just starting out.

Who are we?

Suite 1, 31-37 Townshend Street, Phillip, ACT, 2606

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